The Real Chance

     Don't let her soft angelic voice fool you, Chants screeches a cry that many young mothers have felt. Her words are experiences of the heart and heartless.  She captivates you with melodies that soothe an uncalm mind and dictates facts.  

     She has worked with a producers such as Kanye West, Souldiggaz, Irv Gotti / Mr. Fingaz, Bad Boy's Tony Dofat, Adonis and Dame Grease.... her list goes on forever....Chants grew up in Long Island, NY and later planted roots on her own at 13, in Washington Heights, NY.  She attended Performing Arts High School with majors in Creative Writing as well as Art and Dance. Her career began in Italy as a young writer for her sister whom she helped land 2 hit records and a Top 40 career in Italy.  When she came back to the United States she continued her writing career with Randy Acker, previous VP of Def Jam. It was around that time that her solo singing/acting career took off the ground after filming the movie "Angel" with DMX who gave her the name Chance (now known as "Chants"). She took a break from acting and recording to open her Record Label Real Wreckords Inc. Independently funded multiple tours with such Artists as DMX, Master P, Omarion, Marques Houston, Avant, Lil Romeo and co managed many unsigned Artists that were uneducated about protecting their creative rights and inspired them to protect their dreams including Kanye West. She put together a promotional team that not only  promoted tours, signed other independent producers and 2 Artists. She was her own opening act and has finally figured out how to add all her talents to present a rich body of work.  

     She's grown from her early childhood appearances on The Disney Channel and an award winning writer and well rounded and practical businesswoman.  Once she lost her High School sweetheart to the streets it gave her even more of a purpose to express and focus on saving the culture. She is passionate, ambitious, a hard worker and a ball of good energy every time she enters a room. She is a the former Miss New York Hemisphere, a  multi-talented  true work of Art.  Besides being sexy, she is armored with creativity, good tastes in topic and a dose of reality that the entire World can relate to.   ~ Chants